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Website Administration

Website Administration

Clients knock on our door for many different reasons and frustration caused by poorly constructed control panels ranks fairly high. Website administration is all about bringing everything together under one roof so the website can be effectively managed, and the key word is ‘effectively’ here – people do not want to have to plough through a thick instruction manual every time a simple operation is needed, or, have to perform 3 operations to get 1 thing done.

Many developers tend to forget about the importance to their clients of a ‘user-friendly’ interface because they get too engrossed with the front-end, the side of the website that is visible to the public. Website administration to them is merely an after-thought. Fortunately for our clients, our website designers put as much effort into website administration as they do for the rest of the site, ensuring that the many features that we build in … are easily found, are easily accessed, and in most cases, executed with the simple click of a button

When Saxon Websites™ designs a business website, it is designed with functionality and usability in mind, hence, website administration is never a problem – we will have agreed and settled upon the type of interface that you would like before we even start … having shown you several different layouts and styles to choose from. Each CMS comes with its own-style control panel and in some cases our customers are happy and content with their new back office without modifications. In other cases, we will provide a website administration area that is completely re-styled, a website administration area that is customised and laid out exactly as requested by our client – we will make administering your website as easy and effortless as possible. Website administration should be easy - and it is easy ... with a website designed by us.

Website Administration - Example Control Panels


Website Administration - The Nerve Centre of Many A Business

Website administration is at the very heart of many businesses

Does your company or business have one or more people assigned to looking after your website on a permanent basis? If not, the chances are that you are not making full use of it or seriously under valuing its importance to the success of your business. Website administration to a lot of small companies starts off as a secondary role for some poor person within the company, but should and does grow into a full-time position in its own right very quickly as the website develops and takes on more and more of the businesses functionality. For a lot of businesses, the website administration team is the ‘nerve centre’, linked to each internal department and the new public face. A typical modern website administration team wears many hats – Company Receptionist, Sales Co-ordinator, Order Processor, Advertising Executive and Logistics Technician … are just a few examples. Website administration – make sure your developer has provided you with a control panel that enables your website to be wired to your business!

Website Administration - The Essentials

Ensure your website administration panel addresses these important issues

Every control panel or website administration area will have its own set of features and tools and all will be laid out in a different fashion, but all website administration areas should have a basic set of essential elements – if yours lacks any of these, then you are being short changed and should be looking for a change. Firstly, is your control panel secure? Security is a massive subject admittedly, so consider the basics – can it be found easily and is it adequately protected from cyber-attack or malicious-employee infiltration? Secondly, does your website administration area provide you with the means or ability to create and publish new website content? Consider things like a built-in editor capable of video deployment, text formatting and re-arranging layout. Thirdly, in order to effectively manage website administration, you will need to assign tasks or delegate work safely and securely – multi-user, role-restrictive accounts are essential for efficient administration … you have that right? Remember that these five elements are just the basic requirements in our opinion, your website administration area can be the source of all sorts of information if compromised, so accept nothing less. PCI Compliance and standard, good working practice dictates that access logs and certain reporting functions should be available – this is our fourth essential element recommendation … your website administration area should provide adequate logging and reporting functionality. Lastly and by no means least, is ‘user-friendly’ controls. Your control panel or website administration area needs to be laid out so that you can easily access all features and control the flow of work using simple, push-button, menu-driven technology.

  • Secure Access
  • Ability to Create and Publish New Content
  • Multi-User, Role-Restrictive Accounts
  • Logging and Reporting Facilities
  • User-Friendly


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Extremely Pleased

Extremely Pleased

Just a few short lines to say thanks to Saxon Websites for over-hauling my website. They have done a great job and I am very pleased with the result and the new-look. I personally will be conducting business with them in the near future and would...

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