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Our websites are designed to accommodate virtually every web marketing technique available - empowering you to succeed where others struggleThere are a million different ways to market your company and products on the web and there are new methods, schemes and gimmicks for web marketing, cropping up almost daily. Saxon Websites™ realises that building you a website is one thing, but building you a powerful website is quite different and we differentiate between the two by the number of tools and features that we build into the core of the site in order for it to perform better than your competition.

A few such methods are mentioned below, Affiliate and Email marketing for example – our websites accommodate both of these and so much more. Because the websites that we produce are constructed with various web marketing platforms and tools built-in, it really doesn’t matter if your marketing strategy isn’t yet complete – when you do get the inspiration and the direction that you want to take your company suddenly becomes clear … our website will be there waiting for you, ready to perform. A typical website designed for you by us will have a built in text editor where you can develop your brochure, flyer or email on the fly, enabling you to instantly despatch your latest offers off to your growing customer base. The administration modules that we will have provided for you will undoubtedly accommodate the import and export of mailing lists at the click of a button – providing simple, convenient and manageable web marketing for you and your administration team.

All of our websites allow for the promotion in status of any product, enabling you to easily create Sales and Promotions or provide instant offers with the use of Coupons or Gift certificates – just a few of the many ways that our websites can help when your web marketing strategy starts to kick in.

Affiliate Marketing

We can install a top of the range affiliate marketing program should you desire

Affiliate marketing is only one of many web marketing techniques that we can help you with – all of our websites are more than capable of having the affiliate program of your choice integrated into its core so your website can compete ...

Drop Shipping

Many businesses prefer to dropship nowadays, our websites are designed to make that easy!

With unlimited categories, manufacturers and products, our e-commerce solutions are ideal for Drop Shipping. Saxon Websites™ can proffer up to date advice and configure your new website so that Drop Shipping is simple and easy to manage ...

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool, giving your company the leads required to succeed

You won’t need any extra software or pay for reconfiguration of your store in order to run email campaigns, brochure or newsletter mail shots from our websites. All of our website designs come ready made for email marketing with as many ...

Social Marketing

Saxon Websites™ will help you to effectively employ social marketing - a very powerful tool if used correctly

Social marketing is a great way to bring new customers to your website and can be good fun as well as rewarding for your business. Saxon Websites™ ensures that social marketing is part of the arsenal of marketing tools available to you in order to ...


Web Marketing/Online Advertising - getting up to speed

A good web marketing strategy can turn site visitors into paying customersThe term ‘Web Marketing’ can usually be replaced by the term ‘Online advertising’ – for all intents and purposes, they are one and the same and is something that you should get up to speed on if you are planning to run a business website. There are many, many ways of getting your promotional message across online or via the web. Common methods include, email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising (in its many guises) and Affiliate marketing – but there are literally hundreds of ways to get your message across to your customers … far too many to mention here.

It is important for you to become aware of the methods used because most successful websites do not just use one form of web marketing, generally, a successful website will use several methods either working together or separately and the result can be extremely effective in converting visitors into paying customers. A well organised web marketing campaign can produce great financial reward for your company if managed correctly, so, getting up to speed or getting to know how to use the in-built tools that Saxon Websites™ provides its customers is not just important – it’s essential. We will show you how to use the various banner advertising features to highlight products and funnel your customer towards your Sale or Promotional items for example. We will sit down with you and explain how best to set up your Gift Vouchers or Coupons and to utilise them in social media marketing campaigns.

Not only do we provide a very comprehensive range of web marketing tools for our customers, our websites come equipped with the means to use a number of effective web marketing techniques like ‘up-selling’ and ‘cross-selling’ designed and built-in so you can optimise the sale you’ve just made. As we said, there are literally hundreds of ways by which a company can market itself and products, and we cannot unfortunately mention them all here. One other powerful web marketing feature however that we build into our websites (on request), and is worth a short mention here, is our ‘Live Help’ facility. A means of directly interacting with your customer in real time – and a means to ensure they navigate your shopping cart safely and speedily of course.

Professional Web Marketing Services

We have forged excellent relationships with a number of top web marketing companies and can bring them on-board at your requestUndoubtedly, our website designs are powerful and we have done our best to incorporate everything you are likely to need to promote your products and services but we also acknowledge that web marketing is a stand alone industry in its own right. For most businesses our advice and website facilities are more than sufficient to get your campaign underway but to provide the very best service we can – we have forged excellent relationships with a number of dedicated web marketing companies who we can bring on-board should the need arise. Saxon Websites™ will work with them on your behalf and under your direction in order to produce a bespoke selling environment, an environment that is tailored to your businesses specific requirements.



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