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Tracking and Reporting Features

Visitor tracking and website reporting features

Behind the scenes of many modern website designs there are visitor tracking scripts that record your every movement including which pages you visit, which links you click on and even how long you linger to check something out before moving on. The tracking cookies record where you have come from and where you are going to. Every internet enabled device has an individual and unique IP address and this too is recorded and cross referenced with user details which are actively solicited for, enabling companies such as Google and Facebook to build and use analytical profiles which include Age, Sex, Shopping Preferences, Geographical Location and much, much more – it’s a scary world! Without doubt these activities raise Privacy and Security issues (which we are not going to discuss here) … but the reality is – your cyber footsteps are being recorded and used by large companies for Targeted Marketing.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out how the information, gleaned from tracking cookies, can be used to increase sales conversion, to direct and manage sales campaigns, or, to track ROI (Return on Investment) for example. Whatever your opinion on whether tracking cookies should be used, they are here and part of the whole internet scene because they do provide, amongst other things, a means to improve customer experience by enabling the website owner to show products and services that are specific and hopefully useful on an individual level. A website design that is ‘geared up’ to track visitor movements and supply useful and relevant reports for its owner … allows the owner to better manage and direct, which in turn increases the chances of his/her business succeeding on the internet.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics - tracking visitors and website reporting

Visitor Tracking and Website Reporting Features

Google analytics is not the only visitor tracking and website reporting software on the market – but it is probably the most comprehensive and certainly the most widely used. As a website resource, it’s hard to imagine building an effective marketing campaign without it. You wouldn’t go to an interview or important sales meeting without having done some kind of preparation beforehand would you? As a minimum, it’s likely that you would try to find out what they want in advance and have an attractive proposal ready for the occasion right? Using Google analytics to analyze the type of customers that frequent your store or site and having information to hand which shows you where they come from, what they look at and what is ‘off-putting’ to them allows you to be prepared and affords you the ability to have that ‘attractive proposal’ ready and waiting.

The visitor tracking and website reporting features provided by Google analytics is free up to a point – like every business, they offer a premium service with additional functionality to clients willing to pay. Saxon Websites™, like many other website design companies uses Google analytics for tracking things like customer referral status and visitor flow through your website – but additionally, we provide extra, on-site reporting functionality by way of user-friendly, application-specific reports. This provides you, the owner, with all of the information you need to make those all important decisions. Google analytics is a very useful visitor tracking resource that we use to your advantage – we make it work for you! Having the statistics to hand is just half of the battle, interpreting that information by being able to drill down and filter out relevant bits of useful information and presenting the results in a format that actually means something to your business, is the second half. Saxon Websites™, with its years of experience, can help your company see the wood from the trees (to coin a phrase) – our website reporting features are customer specific and will be tailored for your business.

Website Reports

Additional Website Reporting Functionality

Some Common Website Reports

Google analytics and Google’s Webmaster Tools provides site owners with a wealth of statistics but the interface can be overwhelming and appear complicated at first with its seemingly ‘foreign language’ due to hard-to–understand terminology and phrases, making interpretation often difficult. Saxon Websites™ will filter the visitor tracking information for you and provide detailed, specific reports that are relevant and present them to you, in a fashion that you can understand. Some typical, ‘one-click’ reports that we can provide our website owners with include:

Email Reports
A very comprehensive reporting feature detailing emails sent to and from your website including facilities to preview, reply, sort and search direct from the admin console.

Search Reports
At a click of a button, you can see what your visitors are searching for. This reporting tool will record site-wide searches detailing the search term, date and quantity of searches per term - allowing you to reset the log and export retrieved data in various formats for external use.

Admin Reports/Logs
View instantly who has logged into the administration console and exactly what they have been doing with filterable, detailed information that is exportable.

E-Commerce Reports
A plethora of reports are available – see what products are viewed, what products are purchased, abandoned shopping cart information, order totals, stock reports and many, many more reports designed for you to manage your sales environment.

User Tracking Reporting
This extensive reporting tool allows you to see who’s online in real-time – affording you the ability to interact with them should you wish. Its many features include the ability to look up where they have come from, IP and registered network information, physical geographic location, what pages they are viewing, what’s in their shopping basket and how long they have been with you amongst other things.

Above are only a few of the most common reports that we are asked to provide – there are many, many more available and we provide them on a ‘per request’ basis in reality. Our powerful business web designs include comprehensive visitor tracking and the very best website reporting features - allowing you to validate implemented strategies or adjust your planning in real time.



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