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Google AdWords & AdSense

Google AdWords and AdSense

You will have heard these two phrases mentioned a lot by people who profess to be able to turn you into an internet millionaire overnight. But what exactly do they mean and more importantly – can they actually make you money? AdWords and AdSense are the trade names of two pay-per-click advertising services operated by Google. You will find that most large search engines provide similar services, but these are the most well-known - simply because Google appears to be the most popular Search Engine (in the western world anyways). In a nutshell, Google charges you for placing an advert (AdWords) then pays other website owners to show your advert to customers on their website (AdSense) – as long as it charges more than it pays out, it has a good, healthy business … and of course it does!

Most of the 'hair-brained' money-making schemes concentrate around the idea of building lots of websites for the sole purpose of cashing in on generated revenue from Googles’ AdSense service – don’t be fooled, if it was as simple as this, then we’d all be rich and Google would be out of business. Obviously, we've presented a simplified description of these two services and in reality there is a lot more involved … with many potential pitfalls to avoid, and, some great benefits to be gained. AdSense can generate you money for sure, but without a sizeable investment, the amount will likely not be enough to retire on, despite what some others may say. To be honest, the funds would be much better used to offset the cost of a well-structured AdWords campaign. Used together correctly, these two pay-per-click services can greatly benefit your website and ultimately, your business – read on and see exactly how


Using Google Adwords

The Google Adwords interface can be a bit overwhelming - seek professional help

A large percentage of websites that you visit will have Google Analytics code embedded within them which affords Google the ability to track and record certain information about your browsing activities. This information is then used by Google to supply targeted advertising to its customers in the form of AdWords. The AdWords interface allows a customer to access this statistical information and place their advert in front of customers, categorised as being likely to purchase their product or service - as opposed to an indiscriminate ‘view and hope’ campaign. The facility accommodates budgets and allows you to set spending limits. AdWords will also allow you to target Geographical areas, it provides the ability to display adverts at certain times of the day and has many other useful features that enable a customer to get value for money from their advertising budget.

‘If Adwords is this good, why isn’t everyone using it’, we hear you say - well, like everything, there are ‘downsides’ to its use. For one thing, the AdWords interface takes a bit of getting used to – it has so many features and utilities that at first glance it can appear to be complicated and off-putting with unfamiliar and often bespoke terminology. Secondly, and more importantly, AdWords, like all other advertising mediums … comes with a risk. If you don’t get value for money (a good return on investment), then the costs involved could easily spiral out of control and be very damaging to a small company.

Adwords gives you access to lots of useful tools designed to let you make targeted advertising

There are many companies who specialise in using AdWords and AdSense for a living and although their services will also need to be paid for – many businesses opt for using someone who knows what they are doing. Saxon Websites concurs on this point … we advise that it is better to be safe than sorry, and remember that paying for advertising isn’t suitable for everyone. We will take a look at your product range or services and with the knowledge that we’ve gained through years of experience, advise you if we believe you are likely to get a good return on investment (ROI) … or not. In addition to providing targeted advertising, a well thought-out AdWords campaign can benefit a company in regard to SEO … providing valuable back-links which can enhance a websites ranking. Please be aware that the back-links will disappear soon after you stop advertising, so this benefit should be regarded as temporary help only and a ‘perk’ for using the manufacturers products.




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