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Corporate Imaging

Corporate Imaging

When somebody mentions the phrase 'corporate image' the first thing that normally pops into your head is offices and suites. There is however a lot more to it than that when put into the context of designing a website. Firstly it gives the developer a sense of direction - a template or theme to build the site around. Secondly and more importantly, a corporate image can have lots of marketing benefits for your company - and the result need not be full of 'suites and offices' either. A corporate image is more of an identity and that creation can be in any direction you like - trendy and modern, colourful and tongue-in-cheek or even smooth and sexy.

There is a whole industry that has evolved from this one basic concept ... and they wouldn't be there if there wasn't something to it. When we design a website here at Saxon Websites™, we encourage our clients to think about their audience - who exactly are you trying to attract? And once identified, what sort of things do they like to see and here? The answers to these questions will be the foundations upon which the website will be built. If you are selling designer T-Shirts and your ideal audience is 15-25 years of age, you don't really want a website that is informative with a black-grey colour scheme do you? You would be more successful with lots of bright images, captions and incentives to purchase your product like a facebook-linked discount for instance. A logo or catch-phrase could easily become synonymous with your company especially if they start getting posted around the social networks - and, of course, they will be designed to be representative of your products so people can tell at a glance where your company is coming from and what to expect. A corporate identity or image is something you should be looking into if you already do not have one - we are on hand to help with our years of experience and cool ideas

We can present your potential clients
- with your very own, purpose-built salesroom
'A Picture Paints A Thousand Words'
Using carefully themed and styled imagery
- really sets the scene
... can be a powerful tool when creating a corporate image
Creating the Style
* Image presentation
* Fonts/styled-text
* Colour scheme
* Logo/message
* Page layout

The Final Result

Utilising these combined techniques will make your website work as one.

Your visitors will leave the site and associate their wonderful experience with your name or brand.

Congratulations! You have now replaced the product with your company name!
We will work with you...
To Get It Right!


Creating a corporate image begins with your website

Creating a corporate image can really help your business

Lets make it clear, the world of corporate imaging is massive and we are not experts in the peripheral arenas such as branded goods or tradeshow marketing, both of which are part of the bigger picture … but we can get your website, your forms your newsletters all singing in unison and from the same song-sheet. This, after all, is likely to be where your first contact with the customer occurs and it is important that the process begins here. Once you get your company associated with a given product or service – the marketing benefits associated with your new corporate identity become real and once capitalised upon could transform your business overnight. Two letters, the letter ‘F’ and ‘B’ placed together in a certain font and in a certain colour takes on a completely different meaning – corporate imaging is without doubt something that you should be taking into account when considering launching your new website. Saxon Websites™ has the experience and can get you on track from the very onset of your journey to the top of the tree.

Corporate imaging - getting started

Being consistent throughout the entire website is the key to creating an effective corporate image

So how do we start getting your company onto the ladder leading towards gaining a corporate identity or achieving a corporate image? Well, we incorporate your ideas and designs into a ‘style-sheet’ and apply it to the website that we are building for you. It means that things like fonts, colour schemes and layout can be managed dynamically and helps to deliver your message more consistently. We then carefully look at your companies interaction with the customer and ensure that your forms, news-letters and down-loadable material all enforce that very same message. We will advise you every step of the way armed with years of experience. One such example may be the use of a particular font or colour – although the one you have chosen is great … it may not be installed on client machines as standard and will probably, in a lot of cases, be replaced with a less effective alternative. In this instance, we will point this out and advise a different solution. This is a simple example agreed, but can make a big difference to your chances of success if over-looked.


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Thank You

Thank You

The new website is fantastic and I am very pleased with the extra business already being generated as well as the complimentary feedback from my customers. On the back of this success, I will shortly be asking Saxon Websites to optimise my website...

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